Thursday, 19 May 2022


A 26 year-old Chitungwiza man was on Saturday stabbed to death for allegedly fondling a Form 6 pupil.

Gladmore Mutimbanyoka was stabbed with a knife and struck with a hoe after he was spotted by Obey Maring fondling his daughter in St Mary’s.

Maring was arrested, together with two others, after the attack.

They have since appeared in court where they were remanded in custody.

On Tuesday, the Mutimbanyoka family took the body of the deceased to Maring’s house.

Some residents teamed up with them to smash doors, windowpanes and destroy a precast wall at the accused person’s house.

A storeroom, which some claim was used to store drugs, was also destroyed in the mayhem.

The deceased’s father, Washington Mutimbanyoka ( 56) told H-Metro the family decision to take the body to the house of the person who killed his son was meant to express anger over the heinous act.

“We have been robbed of a loving and industrious man in a way we never dreamt of,” said Washington.

“I was working with him as a vendor and, on the fateful day, he informed me he had done well, in terms of cashing, but he lost all that money, amounting to US$80.

“I want to believe that they attacked my son in order to get his money, not because of the allegations he was fondling someone.

“That’s what they want people to believe. I was informed about his death at around midnight and I attended the scene and rushed him to Chitungwiza Hospital, where he was pronounced                     dead.

“Both his hands had some cuts, there was a cut on the head and a knife was recovered at the scene. This is diabolical and we decided to take the body to the accused person’s house.”

Gladmore was buried yesterday in Chitungwiza. H Metro


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