Friday, 6 May 2022


CHILLSPOT Records producer, Rodger “Levels” Kadzimwe, has opened up on drugs, the music industry and the journey he has travelled so far.

He disclosed this during the Star FM’s After Drive slot hosted by DJ Olla 7 early this week.

“We used to sit at bridges as things were not well during that time. You know life in the ghetto, chikoro unenge usina kunyatsopasa, wakajegera, muchiita chiround.

“I grew up in Mbare, and I work there.

“I sleep at 3 am, at 6 am I am up preparing to go to work.

“Kumba ndekwekunorara chete, I spend my day in Mbare and at home I sleep only three hours.

“I follow Steve Harvey, he said, no need to sleep and if you sleep eight hours, how many have you wasted? Of course, things don’t come the way you want, but sleeping is not an option.

“Most of my time, I will be in music, although I love drag racing during my spare time, or have time with my friends, Shashl, Ras Pombi etc,” he said.


Levels, who was recently caged after breaching Covid-19 rules along with DJ Fantan and promoter Damma, shared his experience in jail.

“We were hired, and we were the big names at the show.

“We agreed but, get me right, we were not right, takatiwo timbotenga chingwa nemazai since we were in lockdown.

“We performed, and the number was huge, people had missed fun.

“The number was too big, the organiser assured us, that everything was in order.

“We did not deny that we were there, we were deemed super-spreaders.

“When we got to the Harare Magistrates’ Courts, we pleaded guilty.

“From our understanding, the case warranted a fine since all the conveners of shows were fined.

“We pleaded guilty before we were taken to remand prison, awaiting sentence.”

He said his incarceration was the worst experience ever.

“The worst thing was that we took all our clothes, where we were searched, so you will be jumping to prove that you have nothing on you.

“Anonzi maclarks and we then dressed, tikati aya ma1.

“We slept and expecting to go to court the next day.

“Takamirira Gumbakumba, mota yekuti hauone kumberi kwayo. Munhu wese anenge achinzi tsotsi.

“We then went to court for sentence, and we were given one-year imprisonment after mitigation.

“Then the sentence was put at six months after suspension.

“We were left with four months before going for an appeal through our lawyers.”

Levels said they spent 17 days in prison.

“We spent 17 days in prison and I urge youths not to commit crime because freedom is important,” he said.


“I thank God; life was not well when we were growing up.

“We see some children driving cars at 20 but for me, we had to work hard, God opened doors for us.

“Many tell me that I am good, but I can’t go around telling people that I am the best.”


 “Ndoita kunge ndakuzvifonera, but for Oskid and Tamuka to come to Harare, they heard about me.

“I inspired them, hakusi kunyepa.

“When we were starting this thing, I was with PTK before he went to South Africa following his issues.

“I and PTK produced riddims while Oskid and Tamuka were still in Gweru.

“I was introduced to Oskid by PTK as he was looking for work at the studio.

“When he saw us, aitoti anamukoma Levels, many times, ndichimuti handei unonditengerawo sadza mfana wangu.

“I have a Zima award for the Best Producer, Tamuka tries, but I think he is best producer for 2022.

“Oskid is good, he makes hits.”


 “We understood that talent is popular in the ghetto, and many of them don’t have money.

“So, we charge studio time but some of them unotoona kuti vafana ava havana chinhu, vafana vakaita sanaEnzo, Jah Love.

 “Some of them havadzoke, especially the first stream.

“They never came back, but ndiri munhu anoverenga bhaibheri, just like what Jesus did.

“Prosperity differs in life, some are bridges for people to cross.

“Just imagine Strive Masiyiwa’s Grade One teacher or Form Four teacher.

“He is now the richest. Some people in life are just bridges, and if you don’t do that purpose in life, things will not be well with you.”


“Many times, some of the chanters, if you check in the folders, there are songs classified as club version and radio version.

“We have songs which are meant for bars, dancehall is just like that, even in Jamaica.

“So, some play the songs at home, zvozoita kunge Levels ndiye asina hunhu.

 “I feel sorry for what our youths are doing drugs in the ghetto, this is a pandemic that our authorities need to deal with, this pandemic goes beyond Coronavirus.

“Vafana vakupenga mughetto.”


 “We are good, tiri bho. I am a clever ghetto youth, magheto youths should copy from me.

“When I met her (Shashl) at the airport, she gave me a hug, and I got her number.

“It’s not a public stunt, but ingozivai tiri bho.

“Ndoenda naye kwese, tofamba kwese, but ndezvemaworks.” H Metro


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