Wednesday, 18 May 2022


WARRIORS forward Kuda Mahachi has denied allegations that he scalded his four-year-old son with boiling water in South Africa saying he would soon approach the courts to protect his image.

The Zimbabwe international winger was recently accused by his ex-wife Maritha Ndlovu of pouring hot water on his son causing third-degree burns.

The burns reportedly resulted in part of the minor’s right foot being amputated.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Media Centre, Mahachi’s lawyer Nkosiyabo Sibanda of Tanaka Law Chambers revealed that the 28-year-old who has now been suspended by his South African club SuperSport never scalded his son with boiling water as alleged in the media.

“On the allegations that our client scalded the minor he wishes to state that he never did such an act to his only son and the stories that he is responsible are a fabrication, malicious and are designed to tarnish him as a successful international footballer with a desire to end the career of Mr Mahachi.

“Our client wishes to state that he never at any point in time scalded or burnt the minor child as alleged nor in any way. He wants to make it clear that he has every intention of ensuring that his minor child receives appropriate health care through specialised medical practitioners,” said Sibanda.

Mahachi’s lawyer Nkosiyabo Sibanda of Tanaka Law Chambers addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Media Centre

He said the narrative that has been sold to the public was regretable as it was riddled with falsehoods and malicious contents.

Mahachi’s lawyer, however, seemed to have failed to address other important issues asked by journalists such as why the child was transported back to the country by umalayitsha when he had flown to South Africa and why Mahachi was being denied access to his child by authorities at Mpilo Hospital where he is admitted to.

“With regards to issue of smuggling and means of transport used to transport the child I want to advise that my client Mr Mahachi has always used this mode of transport and the person who transported the minor child is a trusted colleague of Mr Mahachi and it was not the first time he has used him to transport his son or any other members of his family and even him (Mahachi) at some instances.

“What you need to understand is the meaning of smuggling.  When one uses malayitsha to come in it’s not smuggling, one has to produce relevant documents and pass through the border post and if your question had to say he did not pass through the border post then that can amount to smuggling and that didn’t happen. The child is a holder of a valid passport,” said Sibanda.

Mahachi’s legal representative insisted that the minor child was in perfect condition when he left South Africa for Zimbabwe.

“The child was never burnt on the point at which he was sent to Zimbabwe, he was in good health.”

On who was barring Mahachi from accessing the child Sibanda said: “The authorities there at Mpilo (Hospital) have barred Mr Mahachi from accessing his minor child. There is actually a book you enter and indicate that you want to see such a child and he was advised that only a selected few are allowed to see the child. He has also made it clear to Mpilo Hospital authorities to say can I have a second opinion and Mpilo Hospital authorities denied Mr Mahachi that right.”

This was after he had also revealed that two medical doctors who were engaged by Mahachi and were specialists in matters of children’s health were barred from accessing the minor child to provide further medical health care.

Sibanda, however, chose to remain tight-lipped when he was asked if Mahachi was in the country following repeated claims that he was being denied access to his child by authorities at Mpilo Hospital.

“Regarding matters of him being in Zimbabwe I will not want to comment because you are aware of the stories that are circulating on social media of public insults so I will not comment on that,” he said.

Sibanda revealed that Mahachi would pursue the legal route to deal with the issues of his image which has reportedly been tarnished by the media.

“Regarding his image our client advises he has engaged a legal process to vindicate his image through the courts of law. He advises that he will be approaching the court so that he can be given an opportunity to take care of his minor son and appropriate relief against those who have peddled falsehoods and false narratives about him and the minor child.” B Metro




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