Wednesday, 4 May 2022


A KWEKWE woman is suing her husband for selling their matrimonial property without her knowledge.

Ropafadzo Mubaiwa dragged her husband, Tongai Mapindu, to the Kwekwe Civil Court, in a bid to interdict him from selling their valuable assets.

In her application before the court, Mabaiwa is seeking to stop her husband from selling commuter omnibuses, a house and butchery equipment, which they reportedly acquired together, as husband and wife.

“I need an order that will stop my husband from selling our matrimonial property, which includes commuter omnibuses, a house, fridge and some butchery equipment.

“He sold a commuter omnibus at the end of last year but I do not know how he spent the money.

“I saw him advertising two other commuter omnibuses on WhatsApp and I want him to stop,” she said.

Mubaiwa further claimed she contributed to the acquisition of the property although all the property is registered in her husband’s name.

“When we got married, he had nothing so we acquired the property together although all the property is registered in his name.

“I am only protecting the property, for the sake of my children, who are still going to school.”

In response, Mapindu consented to the granting of the order in favour of his wife.

However, he highlighted that he was selling the property to clear debts and finance their businesses.

“I am not opposed to what she is saying but I sold the property to settle debts and finance the business.

“I have not yet finished settling all the debts so more money is still needed.

“I would like to seek the court’s approval to hand over all the businesses to her to manage under the circumstances,” he said.

Magistrate Mildred Matuvi postponed the matter to today for judgment.  H Metro


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