Friday, 6 May 2022


Five months after deserting her husband for a spot in the flesh peddling industry, a Chikanga woman is now coercing her estranged husband to take her back.

When Grace Saungweme dumped her husband Richard Muchiho for the world’s oldest profession, she allegedly told him she could not continue staying with a broke man.

This was revealed at the Mutare Civil Court when Muchiho appeared before Mr Xavier Chipato on Tuesday.

He was applying for a protection order against Saungweme whom he accuses of threatening to come back into his life.

“I want to be protected from this woman, she is dangerous. When I was fired recently, she packed her bags and told me that I was poor and could not take care of her and our children.

“She went to stay with her sister and started working as a lady of the night, criss-crossing the bars in Mutare.

“Now that l am now employed and have moved on, she wants to come back home and stay with me as my wife. I will not live with someone who has been in the sex working industry. She is now a popular thigh vendor in town. I will not be bullied into taking her back.

“She has realised that her finances are waning. She came and dumped our minor children at my house. From then on, she has been calling and texting me non-stop, threatening that if I do not take her back, she will deal with me,” he said.

Muchiho added that Saungweme assaults him and his elderly parents.

“When she left me, she said she would hook up with a financially stable man. I was surprised when I discovered that the greener pastures she went for was sex work. I pray that the court keeps her away from me and my newfound love,” he said.

He also said Saungweme is stealing chickens from his neighbours and leaving behind some traces of evidence at his house as a way of framing him.

“Sometimes she does this alone, but sometimes she sends our kids. She has recruited the children into bullying me as well so that I can take their mother back. They steal food from my house as well as from our neighbours. Their mother is the one who left me, I do not see why I should take her back. I no longer want her in my life,” said Muchiho.

He said when Saungweme left, she refused to collect the divorce token he offered to her.

Saungweme was in default when the matter was heard in court.

Mr Chipato granted the order to Muchiho.

The order, however, does not bar Saungweme from visiting Muchiho’s residence as she did not accept the divorce token and the two are still in a customary marriage. Manica Post




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