Sunday, 29 May 2022


Parents of a Grade Four pupil at David Livingstone Primary School in Harare who allegedly took a firearm to school and brandished it in class while another child filmed the event, have been identified.

The identification of the boy’s parents now allows police to conduct investigations which will culminate in a report of what happened being released soon.

The filming of the event using a cellphone is yet another puzzle as it is against the school’s rules to carry such gadgets to school.

While the school believes the firearm was a toy, police investigating the incident say the video clip on WhatsApp shows a real revolver, and they would like to recover it.

Cellphones are not allowed into the school while it is a criminal offence for an unlicensed person to move around with a gun.

All this happened in the absence of the class teacher, but a video clip posted on the juveniles’ WhatsApp group sold out the boy.

The source of the gun is still unknown and it was never recovered.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations are underway by CID Homicide to establish the source of the firearm and to recover it.

“The parents of the boy have been identified and we are conducting our processes,” he said.

“A comprehensive report on what really transpired will be released in due course. But it is scary. How can such a young pupil get access to a gun? We also wonder if cellphones are now allowed in schools.”

Staff at David Livingstone School denied The Herald access to the school head, saying he was in  meetings.

However, this newspaper later got in touch with the headmaster who identified himself as Mr Ndhlela on the phone.

He dismissed the case as an unfounded and fabricated story before the police had concluded their investigations.

“It’s just a toy gun and the boy was acting in some drama,” said Mr Ndhlela in a telephone interview.

“In fact, the incident did not happen at school. It happened somewhere at the boy’s house.”

However, sources within the police and other security sectors said it was a real firearm.

They identified it as a revolver.

The sources told The Herald that the boy who filmed the gun-totting pupil had also smuggled his phone into the school.

in a brief video clip that circulated on social media, a young boy was speaking, demonstrating how to use the gun while others were cheering from the background.

A hand is seen brandishing the firearm. The firearm is pulled out of a pouch before the demonstration  starts.

“Sorry guys my hands are shaking. Ndiri kutya. I didn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t pull anything,” a voice is heard on the video.

Sources said the boy who filmed incident later on posted the video on the pupils’ WhatsApp group where some parents raised alarm, prompting the detectives to investigate. Herald



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