Friday, 6 May 2022


THE doctor, who examined the woman who was allegedly assaulted by former model Marry Mubaiwa, testified yesterday before a Harare court.

He confirmed she sustained injuries from the attack.

Dr Wayne Manana told Harare magistrate, Learnmore Mapiye, that the complainant Delight Munyoro incurred slight movement on her tooth and classified it in grade one from fangs zero to three.

He told the court Munyoro presented herself in January 2020 at Parirenyatwa Hospital and was complaining of pain on the left upper jaw.

He said he did an oral examination and observed that there was no laceration.

Manana said he prescribed Munyoro some painkillers and antibiotics to reduce infection.

“Looking at the nature of the injuries, we conservatively managed the patient and we did highlight to the patient that sometimes when there is trauma of that extent, the tooth might lose blood and the root might die.

“We asked her to come for a review in three weeks but she returned to the hospital seven weeks later with another tooth pain, adjacent to the one she had initially reported,” he said.

The State, represented by Netsai Mushayabasa, attempted to tender the second medical affidavit as an exhibit.

However, the application was opposed by Beatrice Mtetwa, representing Mubaiwa, who told the court that she was not aware of the second affidavit.

Magistrate Mapiye allowed Mtetwa time to go through the affidavit prompting the matter to be remanded to May 16, for continuation. H Metro


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