Tuesday, 10 May 2022


AN uncouth CCC activist Ms Cecilia Chimbiri yesterday left a panel discussion in a huff after being humiliated by youths during a symposium on elections for young people held at a Harare hotel.

Ms Chimbiri, who is currently facing charges of faking her abduction, persistently  disrupted the discussion on youth participation in elections, provoking  the more serious young people who were expecting a constructive engagement.

Zanu PF member Cde John Muchenje urged Ms Chimbiri to work on her behaviour especially in public.

“We have a code of conduct in Zanu PF. I would like to advice you CCC guys to come up with a constitution and a code of conduct which you will read to your people when you are having these gatherings because when you start to interject, this is more of a provocation that demands a reaction,” he said.

At one point, Ms Chimbiri stormed out of the meeting and when she returned she refused to co-operate with the conveners of the discussion.

National chairperson of the youth caucus, Ms Tatenda Mavetera, said they are advocating for policies and legal frameworks to enable youths to harness their large numbers for national development.

“We believe that youths are valuable assets. In the caucus, we have an oversight role for institutions that are there. We also look at the policies and laws that are enshrined in the constitution and make sure that at least they are implemented fully. We also look at how young people can participate in politics,” she said.

Ms Mavetera said as parliamentarians they want to make sure that the environment is peaceful.

“We work on the legal frameworks, we also make sure that there are laws which must be abided by when it comes to politics. We work together in the Parliamentary Portfolio caucus to represent you the youths to have the interests of Zimbabwe at heart. Let’s work together,” she said.

ZEC spokesperson Jasper Mangwana said voter registration is a continuous process, adding that the commission may organise another possible blitz if resources are there.

“ Zimbabwe has been applauded for having free and fair elections. Whenever the commission is at fault it is good to approach the commission first and understand the matter because social media is destroying the image of the organisation. We do not want fake news because people end up saying ZEC is rigging when that is not the case. Social media is causing voter apathy. If you have a problem with the  commission you go to court,” he said. Herald


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