Monday, 2 May 2022


 HARARE businesswoman, Hellen Tsvangirai, was hauled to court over the weekend after she allegedly duped her client of almost $2 million in a botched deal.

Tsvangirai, 41, and her accomplice Godwin Makomeya, appeared before Harare magistrate, Yeukai Dzuda.

The court heard that on March 23, the two connived to defraud the complainant, Daniel Gama.

Tsvangirai allegedly misrepresented to Gama that Makomeya was her business partner and they could supply him with motor bikes, at US$1 300 each.

Gama was interested in purchasing the bikes and requested four bikes.

It is the State’s case that Gama was charged US$7 500 and was asked to transfer $1 950 000 into a Nedbank account.

He was advised the bikes would be delivered within three days pending the reflection of the transaction.

After three days, Gama inquired about the bikes but the duo became evasive.

He finally managed to track Tsvangirai, who was arrested.

Investigations revealed that after receiving the money, the two transferred it to an account belonging to Rynwald Trading. H Metro


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