Monday, 23 May 2022


PROTON Bakeries drivers in Harare have downed tools demanding a salary review and also cited poor working conditions.

A total of 40 drivers, believed to be working on contracts which are reviewed after every three months, went on strike on Saturday.

Their strike saw a number of loaded delivery trucks leaving the bakery yesterday after the company turned to  relief drivers.

One of the drivers told H-Metro the Proton Bakery management had allegedly not dealt with their demands for a review of salaries and conditions of service.

“We have been working on contract for some time and we are not entitled to off days,” he said.

“We want management to also consider reviewing our salaries because they are no longer at par with the current economic challenges.

“They reviewed bread prices and decided not to review our salaries.

“Management has been blocking us from meeting the company boss over this matter,” he said.

The drivers spent the weekend gathered outside the company premises. H Metro


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