Monday, 11 April 2022


A TOUT, arraigned to appear before a Chinhoyi magistrate to answer to charges of contempt of court, attempted to commit suicide by diving in front of a car.

The incident happened while he was on his way to court.

Gift Mumba, 23, of White City, Chinhoyi, was in the company of two policemen, when he threw himself in front of a moving vehicle as he was being taken to court.

A court official told H-Metro Mumba had just been vetted for his crime and was on his way to the court, when he threw himself in front of the car.

“He had been vetted here and was on his way when we heard a few minutes later that he wanted to take his life,” he said.

Some eyewitnesses, who watched the incident, said they were left in shock.

“It happened so quickly, I believe the incident shocked the two policemen, as they never expected him to attempt suicide,” said one of the witnesses.

Another witness said he initially thought Mumba had collapsed.

“At first I thought he had collapsed but later realised that he wanted to commit suicide.”

Another witness said: “Hwindi uyu atori koronyera chairo. Haana nguva yakareba abva muchitorongo, nenyaya yokuruma mazamu avambuya vake,” he said.

Mumba was ferried to Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital and was treated and sent back to court.

He appeared before magistrate Batsirai Madzingira charged with two counts of contempt of court.

He was remanded in custody to tomorrow for trial continuation. H Metro


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