Tuesday, 5 April 2022


THE outgoing Affirmative Action Group leadership led by Mr Mike Chimombe has said they were not informed of the decision to dissolve their executive and will now form a rival empowerment lobby.

They said they would accept the decision taken by founding president, Dr Philip Chiyangwa, who remains the signatory to the AAG accounts.

Last week, Dr Chiyangwa dissolved the AAG presidium with Mr Scott Sakupwanya taking over the reins from Mr Chimombe.

Mr Chimombe and his executive claimed they did not receive any formal communication from Dr Chiyangwa about their expulsion saying they only knew of the development through the media.

“We are here to respond to the dissolution of AAG executive led by Mr Chimombe.  We only say the dissolution was made through the media.  We have never received any formal communication to date.”

Speaking at a media conference in Harare recently outgoing vice president responsible for operations, Mr Munyaradzi Kashambe, said they respected the decision made by Dr Chiyangwa.

Dr Chiyangwa said the decision was meant to strengthen and augment the zeal to empower the organisation.

“However, it is a bit of a surprise that an executive that has gone worldwide can be dissolved without any meeting or formal communication. It left us with no option, but to accept what Dr Chiyangwa has done to us.

“We have realised that we cannot fight back or force ourselves to be part of AAG. This is a decision made by Dr Chiyangwa,” said Mr Kashambe.

He confirmed that they were going to form a rival outfit saying consultations with relevant stakeholders were underway.

“We are leaving AAG to come up with a new baby after consultations with the relevant stakeholders and our national executive.

“We are coming up with a new name that is people centred, coming from the people, by the people, for the people.

“We want to come up with an empowerment lobby group that will cater for the people in the rural areas of Zimbabwe and abandon this elitist organisation,” said Mr Kashambe.

The new lobby, he said, was going to be broad-based with a national outlook. Herald



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