Monday, 25 April 2022


 MADOKERO and Tynwald North residents are up in arms with Melbourne School after a heavy-duty excavator damaged water and wastewater infrastructure in the area.

The excavator got stuck in the mud and was left there.

t has been stuck for more than a week now with Harare City Council trying to locate its owner so that they can have it removed.

The excavator damaged water pipes and a Telone wifi line and the residents have urged Melbourne School to remove it so that the water pipes can be fixed.

Zicorra Sanganayi Park Residents Association committee member, Pastor Sora, said the pipes and cables were heavily damaged.

“About a week ago, Melbourne School, which is along Dr D. Nyamuswa Road in Tynwald North, deployed a heavy-duty excavator to work at a site opposite the school gate,” he said.

“However, because the area is a swamp, the excavator got stuck in the mud to the extent that both chain wheels are underground.

“Given the excavator was working directly above water pipes and internet cables, the pipes and cables were heavily damaged.

“Residents of Sanganayi Park, Madokero and Tynwald North have had no water and no internet services for the past week, residents are not happy about this development.”

Pastor Sora said although Melbourne School management have been trying to drag the excavator out of the mud, their efforts have come to nought.

“Residents are worried that such lacklustre efforts will, unfortunately, extend the period of suffering for the community.

“Harare City Water officials have visited the site but they have stated they can only be able to repair the damaged water pipes after the excavator has been removed.

“TelOne and Liquid Telecoms technicians are on site working on diverting the cables so that they can restore services to residents and TelOne has even put a tent on-site so that their technicians can work even when it’s raining.”

Pastor Sora said residents were not happy with the response they have been getting from the Melbourne School management.

“The residents are so concerned that the delay in pulling out the excavator has negative consequences for the community,” he said.

“Firstly, there is a high risk of an outbreak of disease because of the unavailability of water.

“Secondly, Melbourne School management have another heavy-duty trailer that brought the excavator parked dangerously blocking a whole lane along Dr D Nyamuswa Road, there is a high chance that motor vehicles may crash into that trailer, especially at night.”

Pastor Sora said it was very unfortunate that residents had to spend their Easter holidays without water.

“This unfortunate incident occurred at the start of the long Easter and Independence holidays, residents could not celebrate with others as there was no water, no wifi and no holiday online lessons for school kids,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Melbourne School. H Metro


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