Sunday, 10 April 2022


Following their nasty divorce and legal battle, Moira Knight seems to have moved on quickly from Seh Calaz as she publicly revealed her new found love.

The two were in court last week with Knight demanding US$2 000 per month from the musician for child support. However, Seh Calaz offered to pay US$50 arguing that he has six more children depending on him.

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga then ruled that the musician will pay ZWL$45 000 as maintenance.

The couple had a nasty divorce in 2020, which played out on social media with Knight levelling abuse allegations against Seh Calaz and threatening to leak his nude pictures.

Speaking on a local podcast, Knight said she was already seeing someone and was in a happy space.

“I love to be loved. When I love, I do it wholeheartedly and faithfully. I can’t stop being in relationships because of one bad experience I had with Seh Calaz,” said Knight.

“I am seeing someone and he loves me. Sometimes he mocks me and asks what I had seen in Seh Calaz that I had to marry him. The person I am with is a traveller just like myself and has always been there even when I was still married. He would show interest by liking and commenting on my pictures regularly, raising suspicions on my side.”

Knight added that she was hated on social media.

“Social media users hate me. Every time people talk bad about me and my life. I was portrayed as unreasonable by demanding maintenance from Seh Calaz for the child’s upkeep. Some go on to talk badly about simple things like my teeth, but I won’t allow myself to be bullied by people I don’t know personally,” she said. Standard


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