Thursday, 7 April 2022


IN a suspected case of juju, a Harare couple’s marriage has collapsed over a ritualistic knife the wife was using.

Steven Phiri told the Harare Civil Court that his ex-wife, Patience Chikwezvera, used to keep mysterious stuff and juju.

Phiri was granted a protection order against Patience.

He said: “She is my ex-wife now. We separated after we had arguments related to her use of juju and she has a big ritual knife in our house.

“When I asked her about the knife, she told me to back off and the knife disappeared two days later.

“When I told her that I no longer wanted her as my wife, she damaged my car, insulted me and also assaulted me.

“She came to my workplace four times and caused a scene and she threatened to kill me.

“She at one time poured hot water all over my body.

“We stayed at my father’s house and she would order me to sleep in a tree and at one time l slept the whole night in my car.”

Patience refuted the allegations. “Steven is running away from debts and he is not looking after the                                                               children.

“He ran away from our matrimonial home. “We stay in a family house and if we fight his whole family gangs up against me instead of looking at both sides of the story and they say he is always right.”

Magistrate Tamara Chibinda granted the application. H Metro


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