Wednesday, 13 April 2022


A KARIBA man, Frank Chiriyata (34) of Nyamhunga 2, escaped death by a whisker after he was attacked by a hippopotamus while on his way home from a beer drinking binge with friends.

The incident occurred around 2am on Saturday.

Chiriyata, who works as a boat chef and merchandiser in the resort town, told H-Metro he had gone to drink beer at Mashwede nightspot, with his friends.

They decided to go back home around 2am.

“I was in the company of three  friends. We thought it wise to go home on foot,” he said.

“Some of my friends stay in Nyamhunga 1 while I stay in Nyamhunga 2.

“So, from Mashwede there is a distance and we needed to pass through some shops, and a small bridge, to get home.

“We were about to get out of a valley when the hippopotamus came from nowhere.

“It came charging from the left side, the right side is the way to the lake, I was in front, we scampered in different directions, as we ran for our dear lives.”

Chiriyata said he ran less than 100 metres before he fell.

“The hippopotamus came charging towards my direction and I lifted my right hand when it attacked me,” said Chiriyata.

“Yakabva yashama muromo ndokundiruma ruoko rwekurudyi.

“Yakandizunza zunza ruoko kwekanguva kanodarika five minutes, ichida kudambura ruoko rwangu,”

He said it was through a miracle that he escaped with his life.

“I then called out for help to my friends, who had hidden nearby, I told them to come and lift me since my hand had been injured.

“They finally came out of their hiding place when I told them that the hippo was gone.”

He lost a lot of blood.

“It was around 3am when we called for a taxi to ferry me home and to the clinic,”

“When I arrived home, my wife was in a state of shock and disbelief when she saw me. I want to urge my fellow Kariba residents not to travel at night.

“Let us not take life for granted, we need to be careful when traveling during the night.” H Metro


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