Wednesday, 20 April 2022


WHEN Nthabiseng Khoza was woken up by a cold breeze in the early hours of the morning, nothing could have prepared her for what she would find.

She was horrified to discover that her house had been broken into.

But the situation turned bizarre when she found two men sleeping at the front door with her stolen belongings.

The 29-year-old from Suurman in Hammanskraal, Tshwane, found the men lying among items including her amplifier, microwave, takkies and a TV on the morning of Thursday, 14 April.

“I could not believe what I was seeing. I immediately started screaming and called my neighbours to come and help me. We tried to wake them up, but the men were fast asleep,” she said.

Nthabiseng said she wanted to call the police, but her pastor advised her not to as he wanted to talk to the thugs.

She said she was sceptical because there was a break-in the previous Easter, during which she was raped, and her pastor prayed and told her it would not happen again.

“After we managed to wake them up a couple of hours later, they seemed lost and embarrassed,” she said.

“I decided to let them go because they did not succeed in stealing anything, but I gave them a stern warning never to come back.”

Nthabiseng said it looked like the men had accidentally drugged themselves with the muthi they wanted to use to make her sleep.

Neighbour Morongwa Mokgabudi (27) said she was woken up by Nthabiseng screaming.

She then rushed out and was shocked to find the men sleeping at the door with the stolen items.

“It actually made me laugh, but I was also scared of what could have happened if their plan had succeeded,” she said.

Bishop Isaac Leduka said he begged Nthabiseng not to have the men arrested because he wanted to give them a second chance.

He said they looked young and needed to repent.

“I told them if they are caught stealing in our area again, I would personally call the police,” he said. Daily Sun


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