Thursday, 17 March 2022


IN a case that has left people at a loss for words, a Kwekwe man is reportedly forcing his wife to approve of his extra-marital affairs as an obscure form of payment for sending her to school.

Emmanuel Mukandawire appeared before Kwekwe Civil Court magistrate Mildred Matuvi after his wife, Jane Mugara, applied for a protection order.

Mugara said Mukandawire also threatened to kill her because he financed her studies until she got a job.

“I appreciate the fact that he sent me to school, but now I no longer have peace because of that. He threatens to kill me because he sent me to school.

“He sold a residential stand, and a car we bought together and spent the money with his girlfriends, without consulting me.

“He says he has the right to have girlfriends because he financed my education,” said Mugara.

However, Mukandawire denied the accusations.

“She disrespects me because she is now learned and earning some money. She tasks our daughters to wash my clothes for me, instead of her doing it as my wife, and she no longer has time for me, that is why I look for someone to spend time with.

“I have since moved to my parents’ place because of the way she treats me.

“We are renting one room so I cannot stay in one room with the children.”

Mukandaware is said to be in possession of a spear which he intends to use to “discipline” his wife.

“He is in possession of a spear and a sjambok which he intends to use on me, so I can’t live under one roof with someone who has tendencies of abusing me,” said Mugara.

Magistrate Matuvi granted the application for a protection order in favour of Mugara.

She ordered Mukandawire not to abuse Mugara. H Metro


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