Sunday, 6 March 2022


In the realm of birth statistics, delaying motherhood stands out. At the age of 33 and having had fibroids Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa has taken all the chances to be a mother.

In the book, Joys of Motherhood, the late Nigerian author Buchi Emecheta reveals the pleasures derived from fulfilling responsibilities related to child-bearing despite the age and marriage status.

Society has often judged women, who have children at a later age and without marriage.

However, this was not the case with Ruvheneko as she said: “Now should I have been more patient with God, and waited for the ring and lobola to do things properly.”

“But I worry that in our narratives as 21st century women, feminists or gender equity activists, we are getting a little lost on the way.

“At my age, I have grown, I respect the 30 something women,  who are convinced that we are still young and have time.”

Ruvheneko said after finding out she had fibroids, she thought she would never have kids again, but the help of doctors and prayers helped her conceive.

“Last year I convinced myself that while I wait for Mr Right, my body isn’t getting any younger, so why not start my journey to motherhood even if it meant unconditionally,” she said.

“I did research on how to have a baby, and at the beginning of 2021, I even got on some flights to compare my options of freezing my eggs or getting a donor- and in all this I discovered I have fibroids.

“This then triggered me to action, if I keep waiting for the fairy tale, what if I fail to have children.

“Fast forward to all the doctor’s advice and consultation, I feel pregnant.”

Ruvheneko, advised all the 30 something ladies not to lose hope, despite being faced with situations that seem impossible to conceive. Standard


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