Tuesday, 15 March 2022


A SELF-STYLED Masvingo prophet’s property and shrine were burnt in a bid to evict him from Makande Village in Magunje.

Justin Makuba (43), known as Madzibaba Aaron, lost his belongings after his hut was burnt by villagers, who are against his operations.

Madzibaba Aaron lodged a police report but no arrests have been made so far.

Makande kraal head, Tobius Magunje, confirmed the incident saying villagers were taken aback by the way Madzibaba Aaron operated, considering he also believed in spirit mediums.

“Villagers and our spirit mediums are up against Madzibaba Aaron’s continued stay in our village because of how he operates,” said Magunje.

“He is no longer wanted in this area but he keeps arguing with authorities and we do not know why he does not want to return to his place and operate from there.

“One of our local spirit mediums confronted him about his operations, but he remained adamant about not leaving this place.

“We do not know who exactly burnt his shelter, but I am sure that villagers are against his stay in the village.

“He was given a place to build his shelter in the field of one of our villagers, who consulted him, about his sick child.

“Mwana uyu anezviifa-ifa saka hazvipere nekunamatirwa asi nemishonga yechivanhu.”

Madzibaba Aaron told H-Metro his free services angered traditional healers and prophets in the area, leading to the destruction of his shelter.

“They burnt my shelter and I never recovered anything because I am helping people free of charge,” said Madzibaba Aaron.

“I lodged a police report against the culprits but no arrests have been made and this is disturbing and I am praying for justice to prevail.

“The villagers who set my shelter on fire are moving freely and those who charge money for their services are against me.

“I was directed by spirits to live in this area some years ago after spending seven years in the wilderness where I never took a bath.

“Ndakapinda mumusha muno ndinemakwati mumuviri wese nekusageza, ndikagara nemhuka dzesango nezvinokambaira kwemakore.

“I believe in spirits that help people, including masvikiro edu asi ndinonamatira vanhu vachipora nekugadzirisa matare echivanhu chedu nemidzimu.

“I have not been directed to leave Makande by the spirits so I was not moved by their evil actions.

“I received supernatural powers during the time I spent in the bush. I abandoned my family for the sake of obeying the spirits,” said Madzibaba Aaron.

He made headlines in 2018 when he emerged from a bush at Makande in Magunje claiming to have powers to heal the sick.

From 2018, Madzibaba Aaron has been staying at Makande Village. H Metro


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