Wednesday, 23 March 2022


 AN adulterous man has been slapped with a US$20 000 fine for having an affair with a married woman.

 Zechias Rinomhota was ordered to pay the damages after Matthew Sangu had approached the High Court claiming he snatched his wife of 13 years.

Sangu wedded Sifelani Sangu in 2015, but they have been together for 13 years, and three children were born out of the union.

He said he has lost comfort, love and affection from Sifelani, who now prefers to spend more time with Rinomhota.

For that, Sangu was demanding US$10 000, for the loss of affection, and US$10 000, for consortium. As revealed by the court papers, Rinomhota started seeing Sifelani, sometime in 2020.

“Rinomhota has been undeterred and clandestinely continues the love relationship behind Matthew’s back.

“He used to come to Matthew’s matrimonial home several times, during his absence, and having quality time with his wife. The adulterous relationship has continued unabated to date.

“It has thus become apparent that Rinomhota committed adultery with Matthew’s wife while fully knowing that the two were legally married and the marriage subsists,” reads the court papers.

Sangu claims he has lost respect due to the affair.

“My wife is no longer respectful as she used to and she is now arrogant.

“I have suffered contumelia, as all my relatives, neighbours and even their minor children are now fully aware that Rinomhota snatched my wife.”

Sangu also said he has been placed at a risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

After hearing both counsel, Justice Samuel Deme, granted Sangu’s claim.

“It is ordered that Rinomhota pays US$20 000, at the prevailing bank rate, at the date of payment.

“That he pays interest, on the above sum, at the prescribed rate from date of summons to date of payment,” ruled the Judge. H Metro


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