Tuesday, 29 March 2022


The verdict is scheduled for today for Marry Mubaiwa on her charge of breaching the Marriages Act by allegedly misrepresenting that her then husband Vice President Constantino Chiwenga consented to solemnise their marriage under the Act during the time he was hospitalised.

Magistrate Mr Lazini Ncube is due to give his judgment and this will almost certainly deal both with the alleged facts as well as whether the proven facts do breach the Act.

But Mubaiwa was back in court yesterday on her charge that she allegedly assaulted her former house maid over issues relating to her children.

Prosecutor Mrs Netsai Mushayabasa led two witnesses who told the court that Mubaiwa assaulted former maid Ms Delight Munyoro in their presence.

Mr Batsirai Furupiya, a security personnel, was the first to take to the witness stand and told the court that Mubaiwa first greeted Ms Munyoro when they had gone to collect the children from school before she started shouting at her .

“She first greeted her before she shouted at her. I then saw her assaulting Munyoro by the back of her hand,” he said. He did not hear what Mubaiwa and Ms Munyoro’s were saying during the time they exchanged words.

Colonel Gesham Muradzi, who was Vice President Chiwenga’s aide, told the court that he saw Mubaiwa attacking Ms Munyoro with the back of her hand leaving her bleeding. Col Muradzi had to intervene to restrain the two.

He saw in the mirror of the car Mubaiwa strike Ms Munyoro with the back of her hand leaving her bleeding in the mouth. He did not notice if Mubaiwa’s hand was swollen after the blow, but did notice rings on her fingers. Herald


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