Friday, 18 March 2022


A BEITBRIDGE-BASED clearing agent is on the run after he assaulted and stabbed his wife of eight years, during a birthday party, on Saturday evening.

It is alleged Elias Mauka attacked his wife, in front of her helpless friends, after a row with some of the people, who were at the party.

Bridget Manungo is now nursing the injuries at her parents’ home in the Madiginye Suburb.

According to Manungo, she was attacked while collecting entry fees to a party at her friend’s house.

Earlier that day, we agreed that I would attend the party while he went about his errands,” she said.

“So, when I got to the birthday party, I was given the responsibility of collecting entry fees at the gate.

“During that time, my husband came to the house and saw some men wandering close to the gate.

“He then approached one of them, accusing him of trying to hit on me. When the man ran away, he then turned on me and started assaulting me with fists.”

She fled from the scene but he followed and tripped her to the ground.

Mauka continued assaulting her and drew a knife and stabbed her on the head and all over her body.

He only stopped when some brave men confronted him. He also threatened to stab them.

“Since 2014, he has never physically assaulted me, although like any couple, we have had rough days and on four occasions I had to leave him and go back to my parents’ house,” said Bridget.

Her father, Mr Onismus Manungo, said the couple’s two children, aged six and four years, were still traumatised.

“We got a call from her friends that she had been stabbed and left for dead by her husband.

“This is disturbing, my focus now is for my child to get healed and we can look at other things later,” he said.

The police officer commanding Beitbridge district, Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo, said they had opened a case of attempted murder against Mauka.

He said the man was still at large and investigations were in progress.

Beitbridge community members yesterday condemned Mauka’s actions and called on the police to use all the resources available to hunt him down.

This is a disheartening case of Gender-Based Violence. As women, we should support our colleague so that she may get justice,” said the chairperson of the Beitbridge Business Expo, Dr Anna Muleya.

Secretary of the Beitbridge Progressive Residents Association, Mr Jabulani Makhado, said it was bad for men to abuse their spouses emotionally and physically.

“Where we have differences, let’s enlist the services of counsellors,” he said.

Beitbridge Proportional Representation Legislator, Metrine Mudau, said the law should deal ruthlessly with perpetrators of domestic and gender-based violence. H Metro


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