Tuesday, 22 March 2022


 DOMBOSHAVA villagers were last week puzzled to see eight people, including the kraal head’s wife and children, being paraded while in the nude by a self-styled prophet on witchcraft allegations.

Joyce Munondo (66), her daughter Josphine (43), daughter-in-law Barbara Nemaramba (24) and five children, three of them under the age of 11, were stripped and paraded.

The orders came from Lovemore Kasambarare, who accused them of bewitching their ailing father and kraal head, Phebion Munondo (67).

Joyce told H-Metro Kasambarare, popularly known as Madzibaba Renjidai of Johanne Masowe yeNyenyedzi Nomwe Apostolic sect, forced the eight to undress at knife-point, before they were paraded and beaten.

Madzibaba Renjidai lied to villagers he had used his spiritual powers to force the eight, who were on a witchcraft flight during the night, to land.

They were left with scars on their backs from beatings inflicted by Madzibaba Renjidai.

Joyce denied allegations they were forced to “land” at Madzibaba’s shrine, accusing him of being fake and brainwashing villagers to wring cash from them.

“The family has been against Madzibaba conducting prayers for my husband since we do not believe in how he operates,” said Joyce.

“He is not a member of our church and his operations are questionable, you can hardly understand if he is a prophet or a traditional healer.

“I am not a witch, like what he wants villagers to believe, neither are the other people witches.

“He took my husband to his shrine, without our consent, and he later sent someone claiming my husband’s health had deteriorated, and we rushed there.

“Upon arrival, he ordered other people to excuse him, leaving my family alone.

“He was in the company of one Madzibaba Peter and he ordered us to sit down and pointed a knife at me ordering me to remove all my clothes.

“He did the same to my daughter, my daughter-in-law and the five minor children before he invited villagers to come and laugh at us, accusing us of bewitching my own husband.”

Joyce said they were paraded to villagers, while naked, from 8am until midday, and they were all beaten up by a stick.

“Ndakarohwa kusvika shamhu yadimbuka, Madzibaba Peter vakazomutsiura kuti zvawavakuita hazvibvumidzwe awona maroverwo acho.

“I had no clothes and a number of villagers were watching zvekuti haaa takafumurwa zvisingaite,” said Joyce. Josphine and Barbara echoed the same sentiments and they later lodged a police report and Madzibaba Renjidai is expected to appear in court.

Madzibaba Renjidai confirmed the incident saying the beating was part of the process to remove the witchcraft spirit.

“I have been praying for Phebion since 2018 and the spirit showed me that his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and the five children were being used to bewitch him,” said Madzibaba Renjidai.

“The family has been engaging me from time to time and on this day in question, I asked for the power to expose and remove their witchcraft.

“They landed at my shrine and I dealt with the spirit of witchcraft. Varoyi vakabatwa vanoroyonorwa nekurohwa neshamhu yemutowa asi apa ndakavarova neshamhu yemunhondo.

“That is the only way of removing the spirit of witchcraft. They are being used by the spirit of witchcraft to fight me so that I give up praying for Phebion. I will not give up and I am prepared to expose them in court since they have lodged a police report against me,” he said.

Phebion was later rushed to Makumbe Hospital where he was admitted. H Metro


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