Friday, 18 March 2022


A Kariba man who survived a crocodile attack has been discharged from hospital and is now appealing for a wheelchair and financial assistance.

Alexander Chimedza can no longer move or do anything on his own after a vicious attack by four crocodiles in the Nyamhunga sewer ponds early this year.

He has had to undergo four surgeries after suffering broken bones, a torn Achilles tendon and dislocated shoulder bone among others.

“I was discharged from hospital after getting specialist care at Mutenderi Hospital in Zambia,” said Mr Chimedza.

“My right hand was severely damaged that I cannot do much with it. The same goes for my right leg where a crocodile teared my Achilles tendon. It was reconstructed but they said I should not move the leg to allow it to heal.”

He bears several scars and deformities on his right hand and leg which were mostly targeted in the attack.

Unable to move on his own, Mr Chimedza now relies on his wife and a neighbour for everything.

He feels that a wheelchair would help relieve some of the pressure from his wife, Ms Primrose Madufu.

“I cannot work and fend for my family as I used to. I rely on well-wishers for survival now. I feel that a wheelchair will go a long way to ensure that I don’t rely on my wife for everything,” he said.

Mr Chimedza is due for review this Thursday to see how much he has recovered and what else needs to be done.

Ms Madufu said her husband needs round the clock attention which makes it difficult for her to leave him even to buy groceries.

“I assist him to bath, move, eat and even relieve himself. This means that I cannot leave the house for long,” she said. Herald


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