Monday, 28 March 2022


All Chitungwiza residents are accessing water freely from the Presidential boreholes contrary to some messages being circulated by naysayers on social media that water was being distributed on partisan lines.

Herald news crew visited the Mangoromera area in St Mary’s where they observed that water was being accessed freely without any requirement.

During lunch time residents, regardless of political affiliation, could be seen accessing water without any hassle.

Interviewed residents instead heaped praises on President Mnangagwa from bailing out them from the perennial water woes in the area.

“So far, there is no challenge in accessing the water. The borehole is being accessed by anyone from the community.

“It has helped us a lot since our taps are always dry. One of the bush pump boreholes which we used to rely on had dried up and it was contaminated by rust. We thank President Mnangagwa for the borehole scheme,” said Mrs Jane Mushawatu.

Mr Elias Musonza said the borehole has brought convenience to the area.

“Water is being accessed freely without any challenges. Due to the efficiency of the system, there are short queues.

“Each time one visits the borehole, water will be readily available. There is also no limit to the amount of water one can fetch,” he said. Herald


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