Wednesday, 16 February 2022


A MIRACLE baby girl was delivered at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterday.

Her mother went into labour, after testifying as a defence witness, in a matter in which her brother is an accused person.

The now mother of four, Patience Mubaiwa, 39, was at court for the afternoon session, when she went into labour.

This attracted scores of people, who were also waiting to attend the afternoon session, with many watching helplessly, while waiting for health personnel to attend to the situation.

Tarisavi Machisa, 27, who was also going about her business at court, intervened and transformed herself into the heroine of the day.

She expertly assisted Mubaua to deliver her baby safely, with regional court recorder, Miriam Chimedza, also playing a big part in the process.

After the two heroines completed their task, the baby was wrapped in a sweater and some papers, as they waited for medical assistance.

Mubaiwa and her new baby were taken to Sally Mugabe Hospital, in an ambulance, for further medical checks, by the experts. H Metro


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