Tuesday, 15 February 2022


A MBARE woman has been under physical, and verbal abuse, from her son who labels her a lady of the night.

This came to light when Laura Dambudzo and her daughter, who is still at school, approached the Harare Civil Court, seeking a protection order against her son, Gift Ngwarume.

They claimed Gift has been insulting and assaulting them for some time.

“I have been abused physically by my brother for four years now, he is always drunk and when he gets home he beats me up,” said the daughter.

“I now go to school early in the morning and come back late at night to avoid him.

“My performance at school is now bad because I don’t have peace. I can’t even study.

“At one time, when mom was at work, he threatened to stab me with a knife just because my female friend visited me.”

Laura said her son even claimed she was a prostitute.

“Gift does not respect me as his mother, he always calls me a prostitute. He shouts at me using vulgar words.”

Gift denied all the allegations saying he was actually the victim.

“I do not beat (my sister). She is one who insults me but l can’t insult her back because she is a woman.

“The reason why we always quarrel is because she brings alcohol at home and she comes home at night.”

Magistrate, Sharon Mashavire, ordered Gift not to verbally, physically or psychologically abuse his mother or sister. H Metro


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