Wednesday, 23 February 2022


GOSPEL artiste Sabastian Magacha has recounted what he claims to be a chilling date with “Satanists” which sounds like work of fiction.

The 37-year-old claims he was almost lured into their web of darkness. Although Magacha claims he eventually won the spiritual battle, he is still haunted by the encounter.

On National Youth Day, Magacha narrated his ordeal at the hands of “Satanists,” who, he claims, wanted to lure him into bed, and harvest his sperm, for ritual purposes.

The multiple award-winning artist said he had an encounter with the Devil’s messenger, when his career was still in its infancy.

“I met a woman who wanted to lure me into bed so that she could harvest my sperms for ritual purposes,” he revealed.

“The incident occurred when I was around 18 or 20 years after a performance in Meyrick Park (Mabelreign) at a church function, where she made a declaration that she was going to win my heart.

“She approached me after the performance, when I was about to leave, and bluntly told me that she loved me.”

The prince of praise and worship said he almost gave into the woman’s advances since she was good looking.

“Since I had no transport, and cellphone then, she gave me a free ride back home and dropped me before planting a kiss on my cheek, as she drove away,” he claims.

“The same woman came back the following day and drove me to Meikles Hotel where she attempted to lure me with money, so that I could buy clothes, but I turned down her offer.

“She kept nagging me but I told her that I was not comfortable with her advances as she was pestering me to visit her at her Borrowdale home.

“We then cut communication for some weeks, since I was not comfortable with the pressure, she was giving me.”

The singer says the woman did not stop.

“After some weeks, without any communication with her, I received a ticket and shopping voucher to do some shopping in South Africa,” he claims.

“Then, I had a cellphone and I was now reachable, which made my communication easier.

“I left for South Africa unaware who had sent me the voucher, only to learn after my return that it was the same woman I was avoiding.”

Finally, he gave in. “When I visited her house in Borrowdale, I was shocked by her antics as she wanted to be intimate with me.

“She even kissed me and I was almost melting. I accidentally trampled on a clay pot which broke into pieces and a big snake came out.

“I rushed outside the house, scaled the pre-cast security wall and took to my heels heading into town.” H Metro


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