Friday, 11 February 2022


A MUTARE woman revealed that she deserted her husband and moved in with a new lover due to his stinginess.

Florence Mamvura (23) described her ex-husband, Patrick Mamvura, as a stingy man who would not spare even a single dime for their three minor children.

“He is just stingy. He used to handle every financial transaction when I was still with him. In fact, he would withhold money for relish and I would wait for him to come back home late at night then start cooking. At times, he would come around 8pm when all the children would have retired to bed. The children would sleep on empty stomachs,” said Florence.

She was claiming US$80 maintenance for the upkeep of her three children and stated that Patrick gets US$100 monthly as he is self-employed.

Upon making the decision to leave Patrick, Florence said she moved in with another man as she had nowhere else to go.

“Both my parents died when I was young. That is actually why I married him at a young age. I would have wanted to marry when I was a bit older, but I had no one to look after me. Patrick, however, proved to be terrible,” claimed Florence.

She described her ex-husband as a violent man and showed the court the scars that were inflicted on her body by Patrick.

“When we fought over his stinginess, he would bite me all over the body and I can show this court the bite marks. He did not care whether I was pregnant or not. Leaving him was the best decision I have ever made,” she said.

However, Florence’s decision to move in with another man has left Patrick doubting the paternity of their last child.

He said Florence moved in with the man after he had caught them in his matrimonial bed stark naked.

“I never suspected that she was promiscuous, so I was shocked when I caught her red-handed having quality time with another man in our bedroom.

“That child she has strapped on her back today is not mine. She moved out when she was pregnant with that child and moved in with a man who lives just three houses from mine. That means he is the father, I am sure of it. I can take care of the other two children that she left behind, but I will not be forced to look after the third baby,” said Patrick.

He added: “The lover confirmed that the child is his and said he will take care of both Florence and his child. I honestly do not understand the reasoning behind her maintenance claim when another man is already taking care of the child.”

Patrick offered US$10 for the upkeep of his two children who are currently staying with his sister.

However, the court dismissed the offer.

Mr Chipato ordered Patrick to raise US$35 or the equivalent in local currency for the upkeep of all his three children until they turn 18 years old or become self-sufficient.

“US$10 is very unreasonable and it is not in the best interests of the children. I am here to serve the best interests of the children. You should both contribute towards the upkeep of these children.

“You should also pay maintenance for the third child because the mother insists that you are the father. You were husband and wife at the time of conception, maintain that child as you await DNA tests,” ruled Mr Chipato. Manica post


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