Thursday, 3 February 2022


A Bulawayo family in mourning found no comfort at a local funeral services company, Sunset Funeral Services, after it allegedly failed to provide a hearse to carry the body of its relative who was also their policyholder to Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North province for burial.

Instead of giving a decent goodbye to their policy holder Tailours Sibanda who was a security guard at O Conolly and Company in Bulawayo, Sunset Funeral Services situated in Kelvin North Industrial area made it extremely uncomfortable after they failed to supply a vehicle to ferry his body to its final resting place in Tsholotsho.

This was after the one which they were supposed to use developed a mechanical fault.

Tailours had been a policyholder with the company’s subsidiary, Sunset Funeral Assurance for more than 10 years.

Tailours died on Friday last week (28 January 2022) aged 57 and was buried on Tuesday.

His company later came to his family’s rescue when they provided a UD 7-tonne truck to carry his body to Tsholotsho.

A devastated family member said for the sake of giving their last respects to their departed worker, O Conolly and Company management then provided a UD 7-tonne truck which they later used to go to Tsholotsho.

“Drama started when Sunset Funeral Services failed to provide the vehicle to carry Tailours’ body to Tsholotsho for burial despite the fact that he had been a policyholder with their company for over 10 years.

“This was after they failed to replace the vehicle which they were supposed to use after it developed a mechanical fault.

It was incredibly frustrating and really disrespectful,” fumed a relative who declined to be named.

Adds the relative: “Peace and comfort only returned when O Conolly and Company management offered their UD 7 Tonne truck to carry the body to Tsholotsho for burial. Just imagine what would have happened if his employer didn’t provide that truck.

Such level of immoral or unprofessional conduct should never be accepted in business circles especially to a funeral service company like Sunset Funeral Services”.

A seemingly remorseful Sunset Funeral Services director Blazio Chaka confirmed the incident saying they were going to issue a passionate apology to the family.

“It is not something which we fail to do but when the car was ready, we discovered that it had a mechanical fault which makes it impossible to go to Tsholotsho.

We tried to talk to the family so that they can wait as we fix the vehicle but some of the members refused thinking we were going to take long.

“Just imagine 30 minutes after they had left, the car had been fixed. We are, however, very sorry about what happened and what we are going to do is to write them a letter of apology,” said Chaka. B Metro


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