Tuesday, 22 February 2022


MIRRIAM Chimbetu, the daughter of the late Marxist Brothers co-founder Naison, is off the market.

She got married last Saturday to Daniel Dhliwayo of Chivhu at a ceremony held at the family home in Glen View, Harare. Mirriam could not hide her excitement after getting married to her long-time sweetheart.

“I have got married to Daniel Dhliwayo at the age of 26 here at my father’s family home in Glen View.

“My message to other girls out there is, ‘pursue your dreams first, never be discouraged by anyone or anything.’

“It is very exciting to be in a relationship or to married.

“I got my National HR Diploma from Harare Polytechnic last year in March,’’ she said.

Mirriam, who plays the bass guitar, said she was mentored by her late father.

“My father trained me to play the bass guitar when I was eight years old, unfortunately, he passed on two years later when I was just 10.”

“I have learnt, in 26 years, that patience pays, your God-given life partner will always finally come.

“Imagine, I was in a relationship with this man for the past three years where we carefully studied each other until we got married today.”

Naison Chimbetu’s widow, Estere Antonio, said she was happy with the step her daughter has taken.

“I just wish my husband was around today, witnessing this dream, which has come true.

“Imagine I now have a son-in-law and daughter in-law, it is not a joke to witness a son in-law entering your homestead to pay lobola, it is by God’s wish.

“She was left by her father when she was in Grade Four after he taught her music.

What inspired Naison to teach Mirriam the bass guitar and vocals was that Naison used to dream all his songs, so he would wake me up at night and give me the songs and I would often forget by the following morning.

“As such, he decided to teach his daughter Mirriam who has a sharp memory,” she said. H Metro


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