Thursday, 20 January 2022


GOODNESS and Mercy Ministries leader Tapiwa Freddy was back in court yesterday with the complainant’s uncle testifying.

The State, represented by Sheila Mupindu, led evidence from Murambiwa Witness Bungu, also known as Chief Chikwaka.

The chief told the court he knew Freddy as a pastor who helped his niece, from time-to-time, from when her husband was not feeling well, until his death.

He told the court his niece told him Freddy had forced himself on her, but was later surprised when she told him she was now in a love relationship with the accused.

In cross-examination, Bungu was asked why his version of events was not corroborating with what the complainant told the court.

He told the court he had encouraged her to make a police report because that’s all he could do.

He further explained how he called the police to his place because, as a chief, he could not deal with the issue as it was of a criminal nature.

Bungu claimed that, in the presence of the police, Freddy admitted to having abused the complainant.

However, the chief failed to show the court where it was written, on the signed document of the events discussed in the meeting.

“The two were in love and I had no need to interfere. I asked why she had engaged in a love relationship, before a year had elapsed after the death of her husband, as they had gone to her rural area and why would he just get onto her bed, without them having some sort of affair,” he said.

The matter was remanded to January 24 for trial continuation. H Metro


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