Thursday, 2 December 2021


A MAN from Bulawayo has left his wife for refusing to get him his socks from the bedroom.

Hloniphani Dube (32) abandoned his wife Silenkosi Moyo (27) after they had a conflict over stockings on 29 October in Old Pumula.

On the said day, Hloniphani, who was preparing to go to work in the morning, had asked his wife Silenkosi to get him his socks and she told him to get them in the wardrobe drawer.

Hloniphani started shouting at his wife for telling him where the stockings were instead of giving them to him.

When he came from work, he started shouting at his wife and ended up beating her up. The fight was stopped by Elizabeth Mathe, an elderly woman, who lives in the same house with them.

“She does not respect me; she is too talkative and has taught our children to disrespect me. I can only discipline her so that she learns to respect me as the man of the house,” said Hloniphani.

He gave her US$20 and asked her to go back to her home.

“I cannot live with her because we are failing to solve our differences, so it is better for her to go back to her home,” added Hloniphani.

He later asked for his money and when his wife refused to give him, he beat her up again.

“I cannot go home this late, I will go tomorrow morning, so I will use this money for transport,” Silenkosi cried.

Silenkosi ended up giving him his money and the next morning as she was preparing to leave, she found her clothes in a bucket that was half filled with urine. When he came from work and found her home, he beat her up again.

The next morning, he told Elizabeth that he was leaving to a new room that he found and was leaving his children and wife since he was not in good books with her.

The following day he took all his clothes and a few appliances to the new room and left his children and wife. B Metro


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