Thursday, 2 December 2021


The avenging spirit of Nyasha Zhambe allegedly killed in Gutu by suspected Zanu PF activists will come back to haunt his tormentors, MDC A vice president Lynette Karenyi-Kore has warned.

Speaking at the burial of Zhambe on Saturday, Kore warned that it won’t be long before the killers come with their tails between their legs to apologise to the deceased’s family and traditional leaders of the area.

“Mark my words, Police may hide this case but one day the perpetrators will be here to see the village head and chief over this murder. They are going to pay for this act,” said a charged Kore.

She warned Zanu PF youth that avenging spirits will not go to Zanu PF but to those directly involved in the killing.

“You are tasked to kill people but tomorrow the avenging spirit is not going to face Zanu PF. The avenging spirit comes into your home. Whether you like it or not, I want to say to the chief or village head that you will tell me one day that the perpetrators have come to pay compensation for the murder.

“I want those who are being used by politicians to remember that their masters are sitting pretty. They eat bacon every day, they eat good food and what do you have? You don’t even have food. Don’t be used, you must love and care for each other in your communities,” said Kore.

Many Zanu PF youth have gone insane after going through orgies of violence both in the 2002 and 2008 elections. Others have died mysteriously. There are chilling stories where the perpetrators and their families had to pay 130 cattle in Gokwe to appease a deceased who would be seen sitting on his coffin in the mortuary and could not be buried for almost a year.

In the same constituency in Gutu South tens of people were killed in 2008 including a teacher at Rumizha who was forced to spend two weeks at a torture base.

Kore said that MDC’s message to the mourners was one of peace and democracy. She urged churches to pray for peace in the forthcoming elections. She spoke against the use of force during the elections.

“People should be free to choose their leaders. If you want Mnangagwa that is your choice, if you want Chamisa that is your choice and you should not be forced or coerced by anyone,” said Kore.

Zhambe was assaulted at an illegal roadblock at Mpandawana mounted by Zanu PF activists on October 14, 2021. Sources said that he was assaulted with logs and he was hospitalized since then until his death last week.

Police has not arrested anyone although the deceased gave the investigation officer a list of the suspected murderers. Masvingo Mirror


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