Sunday, 5 December 2021


 TV presenter and musician Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye’s family slammed “false and fake” rape allegations made against him.

In a statement released over the weekend, family spokesperson Andile Ngcobo said they planned to lay criminal charges against actress and businesswoman Amanda du Pont, media personality Maschaba Khumalo, Bonoluhle Nkala, and Refilwe Khumalo.

Ngcobo said they would be serving the four with letters of demand, with instructions that they retract the “unfounded” allegations made against him, as well apologise for their claims.

“First, it must be noted that his (Jub Jub’s) statements confirming intimate details about his romantic relationship with her in society was never meant to embarrass nor shame Ms Amanda du Pont. But was part of him owning up to his past, including his relationships, which he can't change or deny,” said Ngcobo.

The family said that allegations that Jub Jub raped Du Pont are “false and fake”.

“The claims and serious allegations by Ms du Pont were clearly concocted to injure and defame our son’s name, which he is working hard to safeguard.”

According to the family, all sexual relations that happened during the course of our Jub Jub and Du Pont’s relationship were “all consensual”, and that there was “never any incident of abuse as claimed by her public statements”.

The family denied that Jub Jub had a romantic relationship with Khumalo, adding that “she was pursuing our son and he turned her down”.

“Molemo and his management team would not leave the claims unattended and have since taken a decision to serve Amanda du Pont, Maschaba Khumalo, Refilwe Khumalo and Bonokuhle Nkala with letters of demand with clear instructions that they should retract the unfounded allegations made against him, and ultimately apologise for their claims.

“Failure to adhere to the instructions will see our son, who like any South African citizen whose constitutional rights has been infringed, go the legal route to clear his name.”

The family believes that the women have “been pulled into campaigning against Jub Jub by Du Pont”.

They added that their claims have damaged the public figure’s reputation and infringed his rights to privacy and dignity.

Since the airing of Jub Jub’s interview on Podcast and Chill earlier last week, Jub Jub and podcast host MacG have landed in hot water over the way they discussed sexual relations with women.

On Thursday, Du Pont addressed the remarks and alleged that Jub Jub had raped and physically abused her over the course of their two-year relationship.

She said she left him after he tried to kill her.



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