Sunday, 5 December 2021


A Lower Sixth pupil at Green Gables High, a private school on the outskirts of Bulawayo suffered head injuries and had to be rushed to hospital after he was assaulted by schoolmates last week.

The 17-year-old victim (name supplied) was assaulted by four fellow pupils (names also supplied) at the school and had to receive medical attention first at Pelandaba Clinic before being referred to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) where he was eventually admitted overnight for observations.

Acting Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident and said the four boys are expected to appear in court tomorrow.

News of violence erupting at the school comes barely a month after reports of gang warfare erupting at several schools across the city. Police in the city have already expressed concern at the number of cases of violence within schools.

Sources at the school said the five boys had an earlier altercation when the victim allegedly fought with one of his assailants leading to suspicions that the incident was a revenge mission by the gang of four.

Reports from sources within the school say the incident was precipitated by a fight two weeks ago in which the group of four boys first teamed up and assaulted a Form Three boy at the school (name supplied) reportedly over a girl.

Sources said the matter was handled internally by school authorities and the four were punished.

However, the following week,the same boys teamed again and assaulted the Lower Six pupil.

Information at hand suggests that the four accused their latest victim of bringing alcohol to school and that he was misbehaving during the church service.

The altercation reportedly got more heated when the victim allegedly told the four that he gave the alcohol to girlfriends of two of his alleged assailants.

The alleged assailants then proceeded to assault the victim all over the body using mopane tree switches, pipes, shoes and belts.

A day after the assault, the victim was taken to Pelandaba Clinic and authorities referred him to Mpilo Central Hospital where the initial police report was made. The victim was eventually moved to UBH where he was admitted overnight as the doctors assessed his head injuries.

“When the school authorities heard about the fight, they tried to manage it internally as they had the first fight. But this time the injuries were too severe and fearing for the boy’s life, they were forced to seek medical treatment for him,” revealed the source.

According to his medical report seen by this publication, the 17-year-old had a swollen face, scalp laceration, 2cm x 0,5cm raccoon eye, swollen feet as well as bruises on the back and shoulders.

The medical report also reads: “The injuries could have been caused by a blunt instrument. The degree of force used to inflict the injuries was severe. The injuries caused were serious.”

It also reads that the injuries caused “potential danger of life” because the head injuries suffered are associated with intracranial bleeding, but no permanent disability is expected to result from the assault. Reports from the school suggest that all five boys were suspended from school for two weeks, but the assailants are reportedly still at school while the victim was sent home.

The boy’s mother confirmed the suspension and the assault but declined to comment further.

The school’s head declined to comment, referring all enquiries to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Director of Communications and Advocacy in the Ministry Mr Taungana Ndoro said: “The ministry does not condone violence or bullying in any form.

Every school must have a strict policy against bullying and action is always taken depending on the gravity of the case.

Obviously a case like this will be handled by the police while as the ministry we institute remedial action.

We provide learner support services, guidance and counselling as well as psychological services and disciplinary action as a last resort.” Sunday News


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