Monday, 20 December 2021


BULAWAYO has been hit by a shortage of beverages, with retailers saying they have failed to restock for weeks after placing orders with Delta Beverages.

Retailers said the beverage manufacturer was failing to supply them with a number of products.

“We pray that the supply will be normal soon. This is the festive period people are consuming Delta products in large quantities,” one retailer said.

“For example, those who drink beer are always complaining that we can’t meet their demand, especially those who drink Zambezi. Off late, the Coca-Cola brand was hard to get. Last week, there was only Cherry Plum mostly.”

Delta Beverages corporate affairs executive Patricia Murambinda said the company was facing logistical challenges in importing some products.

“As Delta, we have the capacity to meet overall consumer demand anticipated during the forthcoming festive period. However, the supply gaps on certain brands and pets arising from logistical issues are affecting imported inputs,” she said.

“The company continues to do its best to ensure full product supply during the days leading to Christmas festivities and the upcoming year.” Newsday


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