Friday, 5 November 2021


There was drama yesterday at Warren Hills Cemetery after two graves were dug for the same man whose family couldn’t agree on where he was to be buried.

The deceased, Crispian Chizema, and his family had secured several graves for their burial but he later separated with his wife, Cleveria Chizema, 75.

But following Crispian’s death, Cleveria fought with her children arguing that her ex- must not be buried next to her prepared grave.

The late Chizema had separated with Cleveria 20 years ago. He died on Sunday at his Highfield home after struggling with cancer for the past six years.

He was 84. Cleveria wanted her ex to be buried on Grave number six whilst the children insisted that he be buried on grave number one.

The grave diggers ended up digging both graves and left the family to settle on which grave to use.

The stalemate lasted more than three hours.

In the end Crispian was buried in grave number one.

Family spokesperson Thelma Chizema, 45, confirmed the differences thanking mourners for standing in support with the wishes of her late father on the place of burial in grave number one.

“We had a misunderstanding with our mother on the place of burying our father that forced some mourners to leave the cemetery as we debated about the matter,” said Thelma.

“We had a challenge in solving the issue but some mourners stood with us in fulfilling the wishes of the deceased which was supported by documents shown by the lawyers.

“I am happy that my father was finally laid to rest at his desired place since he had bought seven graves sometime in 1991.

“The seven were bought in accordance to our ages and the first grave was for him, our mother second and others for the five children.

“He separated with our mother 20 years ago only for her to come upon hearing of his death on Sunday and that did not go well with the family.

“The body was taken away from the cemetery for some minutes and returned bringing smiles to the family and mourners and this is it,” said Thelma.

Cleveria left the cemetery leading the hearse and the body was returned few minutes later for burial.

She was reported to have returned to Highfield house upon hearing of Crispian’s death.

Cleveria, a former politician, could not be reached for comment. H Metro


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