Wednesday, 3 November 2021


The courts have exonerated three Zimbabwe National Road Administration directors who were arrested last year after the State withdraw the charges that were being levelled against them.

The trio are Messrs Nkosinathi Ncube (chief executive officer), Gilfern Moyo (administration and human resources director) and Adam Zvandasara (finance director) and were being accused of criminal abuse of office.

It was alleged that the trio deliberately transferred some employees who were witnesses in a case that was under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Harare magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje cleared them before plea after the complainants said they were no longer interested in pursuing the matter.

When they appeared before the courts last year, the Zinara directors claimed that they were being victimised for implementing board resolutions and policies that resulted in some employees being transferred from the head office.

They challenged their placement on remand, saying their actions were aboveboard and in line with labour laws.

Further, they produced board resolutions and recommendations from a human resources consultant, recommending a new structure that saw over 20 employees being transferred or reassigned.

Through their lawyer, Mr Oscar Gasva, the Zinara directors argued that it was surprising that of the transferred workers, only four who work in the cash office raised allegations of victimisation when the exercise was sanctioned by the board.

Commenting on the outcome of the matter, Mr Gasva said: “The State did the right thing by withdrawing charges before plea against my clients. As we have indicated from day one, this is purely a labour matter.

“It’s disappointing that criminal law is being abused to settle matters which are not criminal due to its cohesive nature. In this particular instance, all the complainants realised that they had done a terrible wrong and opted to withdraw their complaints as there was no evidence to substantiate the allegations against my clients.” Herald


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