Monday, 8 November 2021


AFTER successfully hosting international events on the continent, rising MC and moderator Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa will hit the overseas stage this week.

Popularly known as Ruvhi, the prominent radio and television personality is in Dubai for Africa Oil Week as the MC and Moderator at a gathering, which includes 30 Energy Ministers from all over the world for what is her first opportunity outside the continent.

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Energy and Power Development, Soda Zhemu is expected to be part of the gathering while the theme for the Africa Oil Week is “Succeeding in a Changed Market”.

Ruvheneko will be MC at Monday’s symposium, “Sustainable Energy Outlooks” while Minister Zhemu will feature in a panel discussion on “The Realities of Powering a Green Economy: A pan-continental outlook on transition readiness across Africa.”

Other panelists include Minister Zhemu’s counterparts from Botswana, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Rashid Ali Abdallah, the Africa Union executive director for the African Energy Commission (AFREC).

Ruvheneko told H-Metro Sunday that she is both humbled and challenged.

“I am both humbled and challenged. Humbled because they could have picked anymore in the world, but they chose me. I don’t take that lightly at all. Challenged because this is a market in which no one knows me, has heard of me, and frankly they don’t care! So, I have one job: to walk through the door that’s been opened and do well enough to stay in the room.”

She revealed that her role at the ACCA Conference in Rwanda landed her the latest assignments.

“This client picked me up from the ACCA Conference that I hosted in Kigali. So, they got in touch for this event and it was the most delightful phone call.”

“It means God is in control. I didn’t wake up and plan this. Neither was I in the rooms in which I was being discussed and weighed against other possible Hosts/Moderators/MCs. God represents me in my absence- that knowledge gives me wings.

My friend, Paida sent me this verse: Proverbs 18:16 to this, I say “Amen.”

She added that this was a realisation of a dream while her diary has gotten hectic since the relaxation of lockdown measures in Zimbabwe and beyond.

“Yes, in many ways. It’s easy to get caught up in Zimbabwe and think you’ve “arrived.” Our comfort zones are safe spaces to be, but growth is limited there. When your own don’t always recognise you, it’s gratifying to go where you’re celebrated and given an opportunity, a voice and a platform.

“My diary has definitely picked up in this last quarter of the year. Plenty in Harare and Vic Falls; then recently Zambia and now Dubai.” H Metro


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