Monday, 15 November 2021


THE case involving popular social media personality, Luminitsa Kimberly Jemwa and her former landlord, Kundai Muradzikwa is back in court today.

Muradzikwa, who is on free bail, is accused of stealing cash and jewellery worth US$152 000 from Lumi.

Last month, Muradzikwa appeared before magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with unlawful entry and he was granted free bail after the court noted that he was coming from home instead of police custody.

According to the state case, Muradzikwa allegedly took door keys from Lumi’s domestic worker entered the home and stole the cash and goods.

Muradzikwa allegedly ordered the domestic worker to vacate the place accusing Lumi of delaying in paying rentals and related bills.

It is claimed that on entering Lumi’s lodgings along Quinnington Road in Borrowdale Brooke, Muradzikwa stole money amounting to US$32 000, two watches and jewellery, all valued at US$152 000.

It is claimed Muradzikwa called Lumi telling her that the domestic worker had stolen from the house and left.

Lumi, who is based in South Africa, then lodged a report leading to the arrest of the domestic worker and Muradzikwa.

Meanwhile, the domestic worker also filed a complaint against Borrowdale Police Station officers who allegedly released Muradzikwa following alleged interference by his mother, Grace Muradzikwa.

According to the affidavit, Muradzikwa’s mother allegedly threatened to report the officers to Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga if they did not release him.

“The accused person, Kundai Muradzikwa, seized the keys from the maid and ordered the maid to vacate the premises because her boss had delayed paying rent by six days in the absence of the complainant. The accused person unlawfully entered the complainant’s home without her knowledge or approval and stole complainant’s money amounting to US$32 000 cash, two Rolex watches, gold and diamond jewellery, clothes and bags valued at US$152 000,” an investigating officer handling the case, wrote.

“Witness statement confirming that the accused person ordered the maid to vacate the place and handover the keys to him. Accused person was in possession of complainant’s household keys during the time in which the money was stolen…

“. . . the accused person entered the com- plaint’s bedroom where the money was and took photographs and sent to the complainant, saying you can check your maid might have stolen some items from you.

“The accused’s mother already interrupted the investigations by influencing the release of the accused person from the cells in the night well after the release time had passed. Since then, the accused’s mother prevented us from carrying searches at his place of residence and influenced by being released from police custody within 2 hours of detention.

“The accused persons are facing serious offences, which if convicted, will face a jail sentence and the state has a strong case against this accused person, since he is the only person who entered the complainant’s house and it is proved through investigation that the crime was carried out by the accused person, since there is no break-in which took place.”

Anesu Chirenje prosecuted for the State. H Metro


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