Monday, 8 November 2021


Family to the late socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure will not be holding any ceremony to commemorate his death this month.

Ginimbi died today, exactly one year ago, when he had a head on-on collision along  Borrowdale Road on his way to Domboshava before his car caught fire.

Three other people died in the accident.

His family said due to the sacredness of the month of November, it is formidable to hold any functions.

The businessman died on the spot early Sunday morning of November 8, but was not burnt beyond recognition like other victims.

In an interview with Ginimbi’s elder sister Juliet, she said it’s unfortunate that no commemorations  will be held to remember the popular socialite at least for this month.

“We don’t have anything tangible at the moment as we are still in the process of preparing his memorial.

Unfortunately we are in November as you know our tradition and culture that November we are not allowed to do functions.

“It’s very unfortunate,” she said.

On the fateful day Ginimbi was driving a Rolls Royce with popular socialite  Mitchel ‘Moana’ Amuli who also died  on the spot after being burnt beyond recognition.

November is regarded as the month of the goat, a sacred moon where neither marriages nor wedding ceremonies are held.

For every believer in the Zimbabwean traditions and culture, November is a taboo month.

Beliefs are that it belongs to the ancestors, the spirits that guide and protect and those who go against it, they bring bad luck upon themselves.

Weddings, for instance, held in November are said to end in divorce as punishment for this abomination.

Other ceremonies such as lobola negotiations, biras and tombostone unveiling are largely prohibited.

Traditionalist Sekuru Banda said, the Ginimbi family are right to respect the month of November, they can wait.

“Every country has its own beliefs and it should be followed.

“If you see a case of prophets who drowned, it’s because they did not respect some procedures.

“November is known as the sacred month, no ceremonies, mhepo dzinenge dzine matare adzinenge chiita.

“If we go against the ancestors, things will be upside down, problems will befall upon us,” he said.

Added Sekuru Banda: “There is no rush for the Ginimbi family, let them wait, they should do things in a proper way, they are not in a hurry.

“There is nothing that should be done in this month because the repercussions are unbearable. Once you mess up, there is no reverse and the after effects are difficult to mend.

“If it’s a marriage, it won’t last, its sacred, chisi, no activity, spiritually you will have a bad luck,” he said. H Metro




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