Wednesday, 17 November 2021


A Mberengwa maid has confessed that she made a false rape report after she thought that a neighbor had seen her making love to her married boss who is a Police officer.

Bright Angela Machenjedze (20) has since been sentenced to 16 months in jail for falsely implicating her boss in a rape case.

Machenjedze rushed to report her boss Lovemore Sumbulani at Mberengwa Police Station after a neighbor passed through the yard while the two were making love and had forgotten to close the door.

The incident happened on Monday last week and Sumbulani was arrested the following Tuesday.

It is the State case that Machenjedze realised that a friend to Sumbulani’s wife passed through the yard while the two were making love. She suspected that the friend had seen them in the act because the door was open. She panicked that the friend would tell the wife Chenai Gumbo.

However, Police investigations established that the two were in love and Police dropped the rape charges and instead apprehended Machenjedze and charged her for deliberately supplying false information to a public authority.

Machenjedze appeared before Mberengwa Resident Magistrate Caroline Tafira Nyoni on Thursday and pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to 16 months in prison and six months were suspended for five years on condition she doesn’t commit a similar offence. The remaining 10 months were suspended on condition she performs 350 hours community service at Mberengwa Magistrate Courts.

Matidaishe Pavazhira was for the State.


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