Wednesday, 17 November 2021


A Mbare woman sustained head injuries yesterday following an attack by a bouncer and karataka.

This followed a misunderstanding over a parking payment shortfall.

Melody Manyavira was rushed to Sally Mugabe Central hospital where she was admitted.

Karataka Leo Gorekore and his father Paul Gorekore were arrested and detained at Mbare police station.

Harare Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed arrest of Leo saying investigations were in progress.

“Police have arrested Leo Gorekore for assault and investigations to ascertain what exactly took place have since begun,” said Insp Mwanza.

Witnesses blamed Leo for attacking Manyavira saying the matter was between his father and her child, who work together at the car park.

People were scared to stop the karateka from attacking a helpless woman. “He bragged that he had money to pay a fine if arrested and his father supported him in the act.

“His father is the one who had a confrontation with Melody’s son; he wanted to stop working at the car park where they both provide security services.

“Leo’s father attacked the boy and that did not go well with Melody.

“Melody shouted at Leo’s father and angered Leo leading him to ruthlessly attack her,” said an eye witness.

Leo’s sister, Shalom Gorekore said Melody’s son was the first to attack. “My father and Leo have both been arrested over the assault case,” said Shalom.

“They are at Mbare police station but Melody’s son first attacked my father and Leo assaulted Melody for shouting and supporting her son,” she said. H Metro


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