Sunday, 21 November 2021


The war of words between chanter Seh Calaz and controversial preacher Passion Java turned nasty with the musician claiming that the flamboyant skit preacher sacrificed the  life of the late Soul Jah Love.

At the time of his death early this year, Soul Jah Love was under the management of Passion Java Records and recorded songs under the label.

Last week Java took to Instagram to mock Seh Calaz, describing him as a spent force who has three albums in one year, but with no achievements to talk about.

Seh Calaz responded with a video saying Java was just bitter because he turned down his offer to join Passion Java Records.

He went on to release a diss track dubbed Handibvume Kupusiswa, produced by Lazy T. In the song he samples Soul Jah Love’s part in Ndakamukwapaidza. He goes on to say that Java had tarnished Soul Jah Love’s image.

He said that Java was not a promoter, but a culture vulture whose intentions are to use musicians for clout before dumping them.

In response to the diss track, Passion Java under his recording label dropped an unreleased Soul Jah Love song dubbed Nzwisiso.

The video of the song features Java showcasing mick mouse dances and Soul Jah Love’s brother, Tendai Musaka.

Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love once divided, not just music fans in their widely publicised beef, which saw fans from the respective camps Mabhanditi and the Conquering Family clashing every time there was a musical gathering.

The beef, which promoters tried to settle on stage, would end in violent skirmishes. In 2014 their clash lasted nearly 15 minutes at the City Sports Centre as violence became the order of the night.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Seh Calaz said he was now starting to believe rumours that Java knows what caused Soul Jah Love’s death.

“When Soul Jah Love died, his mobile phone and laptop with music went missing, raising suspicion of foul play and even his post mortem was never revealed, even though I don’t want to believe that you sacrificed Soul Jah Love, but what you are doing and saying right now might prove that you did it (killed Soul Jah Love),” said Seh Calaz.

“Wakachekeresa mwana (Soul Jah Love) that’s why you always drag his name in everything you do. Now wakuunganidza vanhu nemumvuri we mwana, (you are attracting the masses through Soul Jah Love’s name).”

The Mabhanditi kingpin went on to claim foul play and said that Soul Jah Love might have died at his house before being taken to Mbuya Dorcas Clinic where he was pronounced dead.

“I don’t believe that Soul Jah Love died at Mbuya Dorcas clinic, but at his house then you took him there. I knew everything about Soul Jah Love and he also knew about me, of all the people who were very close to him, how come you were the first to confirm and break the news of his death yet others such as Waddis, Changara, and Chippaz didn’t know about it. You know nothing about Soul Jah Love, he was not your close buddy.

“Leave Soul Jah Love to rest in peace and stop using his name to fight me and also stop misleading President Emmerson Mnangagwa that you will harvest the youth vote and help with the five million votes for Zanu PF yet you speak ill of the same poor youths you claim to represent.”

In a follow-up interview with Seh Calaz, he said he had nothing further to say and would let the music do the talking.

“All the answers are in the music and the live videos I did. I was provoked and reacted and music is the only way I express my feelings. It’s a closed chapter now and I am moving on with my music,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Passion Java were fruitless as he did not respond to messages sent to his mobile phone. Standard


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