Friday, 12 November 2021


ALICK Macheso knelt on stage and stopped music when a 90-year-old granny appeared on stage during his performance at Tanza Centre, Chitungwiza.

Macheso said he was humbled by Gogo Monica Saungweme’s love for his brand after she travelled all the way from Bocha to watch his show.

She was accompanied by grandson Admore Gapara.

“I have come to Macheso’s show with my grandmother who hails from Bocha. She is 90 years old and she gave birth to nine children.

“We have brought our grandmother here because she really loves Macheso music.

“Whenever we visit her or go and drive her from her roots, we will be playing Macheso music throughout the journey,” he said.

Gapara said they had fulfilled their grandmother’s wish by inviting her to attend the gig.

“So we have decided to fulfil her dream to meet her legend, Alick Macheso performing live as we celebrate her 90 years old age.

“Fortunately, she met him, they shook hands and she is happy now,” he said.

Giving H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle a brief profile of Gogo Saungweme, he explained:

“My grandmother was born in Mutanguro in Bocha and she is of a Soko totem.

“She is the eldest surviving sister among her six siblings – four boys and two girls.

“Her first born is my mother called Junior, then second born is Miriam followed by Patrick, Nickson, Cloud, Kudakwashe, Itai and Jonathan.”

Gapara described her grandmother as a strong woman.

“Mbuya Vangu is a widow after the passing on of her husband in 1976, meaning I did not see him.

“She was cared for by her children after she took care of them alone. Today she is living a very good life, thanks to God.

“All her children are married and she loves living there in the rural areas.

“Each time we go down there, we are all given roadrunners (chickens) and goat meat,” he said.

Gapara said she loves Macheso’s music because of the powerful message he sings.

Asked what he has learnt from his granny, Gapara said:

“From my grandmother, who is my personal blessing, she is a prayer warrior, she unites families.”

She also shared the secret behind Gogo Saungweme’s long and healthy life.

“She exercises a lot plus the simple love of God. She also loves her favorite sadza and roadrunner dish, plus mufushwa,” he said.

Meanwhile, Macheso had a good day in office last Sunday at Tanza Centre where he met old and new fans.

This was his first public show in Chitungwiza this year due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown measures, which barred public gatherings.

Prior to this show, was in South Africa where he staged a series of sold out gigs in Joburg, Germiston and Cape Town.

After the South African, Macheso made his first stop over on Kwekwe where he performed at Gulez Gardens.

He then proceeded to Tanza Centre in Chitungwiza where he left fans in awe after yet another energy-sapping performance. H Metro


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