Monday, 15 November 2021


A Grade Six pupil from Chitungwiza who allegedly committed suicide has been buried at Zororo Memorial Park.

It is understood that the 11-year-old Harley, might not have taken lightly the reprimand from parents who told her to be responsible with her bedroom.

“Her mother and father were all present when they told her to be responsible with her bedroom and from there she took long to come back until her Grade 3 sister called her mother to come and see her sister hanging,” said grandfather Robert Makumbe.

Still at loss of words, the grieving family raised concern over socialising agents which seem to have taken over control of young people.

“One would think that maybe it’s an evil spirit that took over. But what I can share is that she was reserved, she could spend her time on her phone, laptop and school.

“She was not much of a people person,” he added.  Meanwhile, police have received a report of two minors from the same area who were found dead inside a family car boot in Chitungwiza on Sunday, raising further concerns over the safety of children.

Cases of minors committing suicide have become rife of late, with another 9-year-old boy from Epworth reportedly hanging himself in September.

In October, a 15-year-old boy from Unit G in Seke, Chitungwiza, was found hanging on a roofing beam by the toilet side at his cousin’s house in Unit A.

It is believed the boy had a misunderstanding with his mother after he was found with a 14-year-old girl. — Additional reporting: ZBC News.


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