Thursday, 11 November 2021


RESIDENTS of Chinhoyi are divided over the purchase of four vehicles for the mayor and other senior management staffers while service delivery is reeling.

There has been an uproar over the purchase of the vehicles as residents raised alarm over the issue, saying the local authority had to first offer effective and efficient service delivery before the procurement.

However, some of the residents are now in support of the purchasing of the cars at a cost US$620 000.

Council will acquire the cars for the mayor Cllr Garikai Dendera, finance director, Zephaniah Chirarwe, chamber secretary, Abel Gotora and the town clerk, Maxwell Kaitano.

One of the residents, Felix Mbundi said it was very imperative for council to buy the vehicles because car allowance was draining the council.

He said by purchasing the vehicles, the council would have control over its own cars rather than the present situation.

Mbundi said council would have neutralised a ticking legal time-bomb.

“We might lose top talent to other councils because of poor perks.

“These top management employees signed contracts that promised them cars every five years so they can sue the council for the contract breach,” said Mbundi.

He added: “For now it seems like they have waived their rights to sue the council but they may do that in the future depending on the state of their relationship with the councillors.”

Mbundi said other councils were also hunting for experienced engineers, town clerks and finance directors so if Chinhoyi fails to remunerate well it’s top management other councils will easily entice them with better packages.

“In the end we will end up attracting less experienced graduates for those top positions,” said Mbundi.

A senior citizen Lameck Kunguma, however, had different sentiments saying people were complaining about erratic water supply and the bad state of the roads.

“In the middle of all these things they choose to buy vehicles for top management,” said Kunguma.

He added: “I know council might say there is nothing like perfect timing, but I know there is something like effect timing.

“If you buy cars in the middle of a water crisis it does not paint a good picture for council.”

Luke Augustine concurred with Kunguma for the local authority to wait buying the vehicles.

He said they must wait for the minimum conditions which is to just supply enough water to the people maybe for two extra hours.

“They could improve and supply water up to four hours or five hours. H Metro


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