Tuesday, 9 November 2021


Bullying is rife at Gokomere High School with reports of physical or verbal abuse of lower forms by O-Level pupils.

Students reportedly lose food and valuables to a group of bullies who have turned the school into junior pupils’ nightmare.

Students staged a demonstration on Sunday against school authorities accusing them of turning a deaf ear to physical abuse some students are undergoing at the hands of fellow students.

The school headmaster had to call police at the learning institution with reports that one of his vehicles had been damaged during the demonstration.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed receiving the report.

“Police received a report of a commotion at Gokomere High School on Sunday and officers attended the scene and brought order to the institution,” said Insp Dehwa.

“Investigations have since begun with a view to establish the cause of the disturbances,” he said.

One of the parents told H-Metro that her child had been admitted into hospital after she got injured during the fracas when police officers descended at the school to bring normalcy.

H-Metro is in possession of some of the chats in the parents’ group as they cried foul.

“There are reports of Form 4s bullying lower classes taking their food by force and plates; they get beaten and verbally assaulted.

“My child sent me a voice note being assaulted verbally by another student,” said a parent.

Another parent added: “My daughter is being bullied by her roommates and the authority is not taking action.”

There are indications that the group of bullies calls itself Mashashe.

“There is a group called Mashashe who steal lower forms’ belongings in their hostels and the authority is not addressing parents about these goings-on, we only find out through social media or from students who own cellphones.

“When these bullies confiscate the belongings they go to their dormitory where no one is allowed to enter,” said the parent who could not reveal her name as she fears victimisation of her child.

The demonstration is said to have started when the students took their petition to the headmaster who refused to sign it.

The students claim the headmaster ignored their grievances.

“My child said there was a protest at school after they were given rotten meat at the dining hall and they were fighting for their fellow mates who were suspended.

“Students went to the Headmaster Mazhunga with their petition but he refused to assist leading to the protest,” said another parent.

Mazhunga would not comment yesterday saying he would come back to this publication.

Further efforts to get comments from him hit a snag as he was not forthcoming. H Metro


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